Auto Accident and Personal Injury Claims Chiropractor

Sometimes an auto accident or personal injury requires the involvement of an attorney to ensure you receive fair and proper compensation for your treatment and rehabilitation.  Dr. Brittin has extensive experience working with attorneys on auto accident and personal injury cases.  (1) He/She  provides well documented diagnosis and treatment of your injury, (2) follows the appropriate Florida Care Path guidelines for your injury to ensure insurance approvals, (3) ensures timely referrals to specialists including orthopedics, neurologists, pain management and, in severe cases, surgeons, (4)  advocate on your behalf with timely, customized appeals when insurance company decisions do not benefit your care, (5) waives attorney report fees to expedite case proceedings and (6) provides your attorney timely documentation to represent you effectively.

#1:  If anyone in your vehicle has hit their head or has loss of conscience call 911.  Also stay calm until a health medic or police officer is on the scene.

#2: Accidents are either at fault of not at fault in the State of Florida.  Make sure you get a full police report.  Also get a drivers exchange report if authorities are not called to the scene.

#3:  If you were not taken to the hospital by ambulance, seek a health professional, like a chiropractor, within 14 Days from the date of the accident.

#4:  If your car was damaged, injuries sustained in the accident or missed days of work, call an attorney right away.  





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